About Chicken and Beer

“Chicken and Beer” began April 2008 in a café in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The event was to showcase some of New York’s best bboys (breaking). With the entrance fee, you get hot wings and beer included. Two years later, the event has flourished from 200 in occupancy, to 700 in spectators. “ Chicken and Beer” has become one of New York’s famed dance events, with spectators from all over the 5 boroughs, tri-state area, and national recognition. We’ve thrown “ Chicken and Beer” in three of the five boroughs, Brooklyn,Queens and Manhattan. “ Chicken and Beer” offers the party-goer a place where the entertainment doesn’t stop. We’ve had some of the best dancers and performers from all over the world compete and showcase their talents; places among which range from Russia, Korea, Austria, Switzerland, and Japan. For the dancer, “Chicken and Beer” has become not only a nation-wide success, but an international challenge for the dancers’ favorite dancer to come and prove themselves. WIthe sounds of House and Hip Hop, "Chicken and Beer" is the perfect event that puts NewYork City dance culture in the for front.